Please Help Save Chico Theater Company!

It’s hard to believe that Chico Theater Company has gone over nine months without producing any main stage shows. However, the creative drive for those involved at CTC will not be shaken!

Scenes from Adam and Eve

In October we produced “The Diaries of Adam and Eve” on a makeshift set in the back parking lot. This hour long show, based on the Mark Twain short story, was a hit with the socially distanced audiences who enjoyed it in the delightful Fall evening air.
The run was successful with wonderful response but when you can only sell 28 tickets per performance, it doesn’t provide much relief for the bottom line.

Christmas Chaos show image

Just before Christmas we wrapped our production of “A Christmas Chaos”. This was also in our back parking lot but this time audiences stayed in their car and watched while listening on their car radios. Friday and Saturday nights, three times per night for four weekends was a lot of work for these hearty actors. Only ten cars were allowed per performance and we sold out 21 of the 24 shows! But once again, a labor of love not money.

We are asking you to look in your heart and see what LIVE theater means to you…And what it means to the community you live in…

Chico Theater Company has been faithfully producing high quality community theater for over 17 years! In that span we have brought over 130 shows to the stage and delighted an audience of nearly 200,000 patrons.

In addition, hundreds have participated in our Youth Theater programs and brought joy to family and friends as they sing, dance, and act in popular plays and musicals. How different some of those impressionable lives might have been if not for the confidence building and talent fostering youth theater programs at CTC.

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As this crazy year winds down, please consider a donation to help Chico Theater Company survive this drought of income and performances. Please show how much live theater means to you by helping keep Chico Theater Company stay alive!

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