General Audition Information

Auditions for

A Fox on the Fairway

Sunday December 12 @ 6:00pm

At: Chico Theater Company, 166 Eaton Rd, Chico

Sides (portions of the script) will be provided for audition readings.

Performs March 4 to March 20 (must be available for all performances)

Rehearses Sunday through Wednesday beginning January 2, 2022

SYNOPSIS: A tribute to the great English farces, A Fox On The Fairway will take you on a hilarious romp. It pokes fun at  the stuffy denizens of two private country clubs as they battle it out for the annual championship. Filled with  behind the back antics, and over the top romantic shenanigans, it’s a    furiously paced comedy that recalls the Marx Brothers’ classics. Think Caddyshack on steroids! A witty and charming madcap adventure, A Fox On The Fairway is a show about love, life, and mans’ eternal love affair with… golf (and girls…)


JUSTIN – 20’s. Offbeat, sweet, anxious. Works at the Country Club. Loves Louise. Is an excellent golfer but hasn’t told anyone.

LOUISE – 20’s. Leggy. A knockout. Kinda’ ditzy. Works at the Country Club. Loves Justin to a fault.

BINGHAM – 40-60 years. Director of the rival Country Club.

PAMELA – 35-50. Beautiful and sophisticated. Board member of the Country Club.

DICKIE – 40-60 years. Director of the rival Country Club.

MURIEL – 40-60 years. Wife of Dickie. A sturdy woman.


Show Audition Dates Begin Rehearsals Opening Closing
JC Superstar 1/30/22-1/31/22 2/20/22 4/22/22 5/15/22
Flaming Idiots 3/13/22 4/3/22 6/3/22 6/19/22
Spitfire Grill 4/24/22-4/25/22 5/8/22 7/8/22 7/31/22
39 Steps 5/22/22 6/5/22 8/12/22 8/28/22
Something Rotten 6/5/22-6/6/22 6/26/22 9/16/22 10/9/22
Another Night B4 Xmas 9/11/22-9/12/22 9/18/22 11/25/22 12/18/22